Augmented Reality Montgomery Street Art

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Augmented Reality Montgomery Street Art

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Dear XRP Community Welcome to the future, welcome to augmented reality!!!

Check out this video of the Art coming to life.

This print is an interactive print (AR) and when you place the order you will need to download an app on your phone called “Artivive” simply open app and scan the print for the print to come alive right infront of your face.

This will get people talking when they come round

We do not frame the items, this reduces both postage and framing costs. Besides you may want to pick up a frame yourself, something personal and more suitable to the surroundings in which the print will hang.

Specifics: We get our prints printed by a professional printing company and they print on 180 gsm high quality paper,

A1 – 23.4 x 31.1″

I do know that in different countries like USA they have different frame measurements so if this is the case drop me a message and I can edit the sizing for you.


In the UK we send all items out 1st class (1-2 business days), sometimes postage can be delayed by 1/2 days due to bank holidays and also stock levels (ink, paper, postal tubes etc) but these are always bought on the same day so this rarely happens.

International shipping all depends on location we have had some received inside of 7 days and some up to 28 days so please be patient, postage is not recorded or tracked which reduces costs


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